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Build the Creative
with the Kettari Group

We invest in Creators because we understand that they are the fastest-growing asset of our time, and we believe in the importance of building a Creative Nation. Individual and collective Creators are the brands of the future.

Our mission is to ensure the most comfortable environment for them and support them on every stage of the creative process.

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The Creative
Economy in Numbers
2 trillion
generated by creative
industries globally
30 million
employed in creative
industries all over the world
the creative industries
contribution to GDP
in emergin countries
For the development
of startups from creative industries

Opportunities for startups:

  • Support and mentoring
  • Services for startups - Services 360
  • Cooperation with partners
  • Attracting investments and financing
  • Entering the European market
  • Will get on the map of innovative startups in creative industries
Services 360
Is a set of services for
maximum acceleration of startups in creative industries

Directions of services

  • IP Management services
  • IP Tax&Legal support
  • IT services for startups
  • Bussiness analytics services
  • PR&marketing for startups
უკრაინაში შემოქმედებითი ინდუსტრიის სპეციალისტებისათვის ელექტრონული ბინადრობის პროგრამის ტესტირება დაიწყო
“Რატომ ევროპა”- ფონდმა კეტტარი, ევროკავშირის მხარდაჭერით, ღონისძიება გამართა
2023 KIUInnovate Business Forum
Digital Horizons: Redefining education for the Future
by Kettari Communications
At “Ad Black Sea “ Stefan Schultz will b...
The Kettari Foundation is delighted to present our distinguished keynote speaker, Mr. Stefan Schulz
by Kettari Communications
Performing Arts Management
Starting September 29, Kettari Academy presents the "Performing Arts Management" course. Guided by Ekaterina Mazmishvili, the esteemed Director of Theatre Factory 42 and Art Director of the Tbilisi In...
by Kettari Communications
Kettari bring Meta to Ad Black Sea
Kettari foundation invited Adam Nowakowski, creative agency partner of social metaverse company Meta
by Kettari Communications
First Web3 Conference in Caucusus Takes ...
The first international Web3 Conference in the Caucasus Region was hosted in Georgia, Tbilisi on Oct. 22 and 23.
by Kettari Communications
Georgia as the Best Country Brand
Israel-based investment fund Kettari Foundation held its first presentation in Georgia, which was led by the world's number one culture and brand expert, Martin Lindstrom.
by Kettari Communications
Kettari Becomes Partner of DataFest
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The main idea is to establish a unified innovative and creative urban enviroment, providging technology, products and services for the creative and innovate community to live, develop and communicate, following the concept of 360 for bussines and life.
We are the Kettarians
The Kettari Group is a new generation of creative venture corporation with a focus on creators and creative industries’ products.

Our focal point is to develop an ecosystem of digital products for the Creative Nation. The Kettarians know how to build a trust infrastructure and a global “data lake” in the IP sphere where Creators secure, sell and protect their IP rights and items digitally. And this is not just talk! Our portfolio of projects includes multiple IP asset management tools and services based on this trust infrastructure.

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