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Georgia as the Best Country Brand

Israel-based investment fund Kettari Foundation held its first presentation in Georgia, which was led by the world's number one culture and brand expert, Martin Lindstrom. "I want to believe that this Kettari event will be the beginning of processes that will bring together many creative people and ideas in Georgia. I like spending time with creative people. These people change the world with their creativity, because they look at things from a different angle, and that's what we are trying to create here in Georgia. I want to thank all of you, extraordinary people. We hope that we will be able to represent Georgia as the best country brand-country. I'm sure you are already doing it," said the expert. The Foundation plans a series of educational events in Georgia, as well as the creation of permanent platforms for public discussions, the purpose of which is to unite people interested in this direction, as well as to share knowledge and experience. "I understand that the Kettari team wants to create a safe space where creativity can flourish and people working in this field can use their talents, which I think is a brilliant idea," said brand and culture expert Martin Lindstrom. The main goal of "Ketari" is to create a comfortable zone and support creative clusters and ideas, as well as projects of the creative community. In addition, the fund plans to invest in startups. In Georgia, "Ketari" starts looking for projects for further investment from any branch of the creative industry, including IT technologies, digital and traditional media, film production, advertising business, fashion industry and others.
Kettari Communications2/27/2023