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Kettari bring Meta to Ad Black Sea

Kettari foundation invited Adam Nowakowski, creative agency partner of social metaverse company Meta, to be a key-note speaker during a two-day event at the end of September in the Black Sea city of Batumi, Kettari revealed on Monday. Ad Black Sea is an amazing Festival, which impressed me very much, not only because I met so many people who are interested to talk about creativity, but the composition of the panel discussions was also quite impressive. The reason why I am so excited about the initiative of the Kettari foundation – is building a creative hub here in Georgia to design a place where creative people will be able to find comfort and space where there will be no borders to their creativity. They will conquer new heights and businesses can find partners’’, Nowakowski said. Major goal of Kettari is to launch ecosystems and digital products, build and operate physical and virtual creative industry hubs and provide services for Creative Nation globally. The foundation actively collaborates in different areas with more than 30 Georgian and international organisations, the press office of Kettari said. Speakers of the festival shared interesting and brand new information about trends and technologies, as well as marketing news, which I believe will be very useful for creative and especially advertising sectors. For us it is essential to build contacts with local and regional industries. Of course we are immensely proud to have an opportunity of Adam Nowakowski representing our company on this great forum’’, Sergi Gvarjaladze, development director of Kettari Foundation said. I am glad to be at the Ad Black Sea Festival. I think doing such a great thing as encouraging and developing creativity in young people, here in Georgia, where working with Georgian clients was always a real pleasure and privilege, I think Foundation Kettari is doing an incredible job - we saw and met Georgia with so much talent and resources’’, Chris Ambidge, co-founder and director of Type noted. The very first presentation of Kettari in Georgia took place earlier this year and was led by world’s number one brand and culture expert Martin Lindstorm. He noted, he believed that the Kettari team wanted to create a safe environment, where creativity would bloom and people working in this industry would have an opportunity to use their talent, which was “a brilliant idea”. We hope we can wrap Georgia as the best branding-country. I am sure you are already working on it’’ Lindstorm added. Ad Black Sea-International Festival of Creativity was first launched in 2015 and still is one of the most distinguished events for marketers and representatives of the creative industry in the Black Sea region.
Kettari Communications2/27/2023