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Kettari Accelerator AETIS Launched

The presentation of Kettari Accelerator startup AETIS has been held on the air of BMG TV. AETIS is a completely new and innovative platform on the Georgian market for the direction of intellectual property, which is based on blockchain technology. At this stage, AETIS itself operates in two main directions, namely: copyrights and trademarks. "Recently, we have clearly noticed that the startups that come to us, in fact, do not care or have no information about the need to protect intellectual property. This is a very serious problem. The second point is that it is very difficult to take a startup to another markets if the criteria of the intellectual property are not protected. That's why we decided to cooperate with AETIS," - Sergi Gvarjaladze, development director of Kettari Foundation declares. According to him, the creative industry considers intellectual property as one of the important sources of income, the importance of which will increase. "This applies not only to the authors, but to anyone who works in the creative industry. There are often times when we create a copyrighted object and we don't even know that it is a copyrighted object. The idea itself is represented as a physical material expression, which can also be digital, the main thing is to be perceptible, from that moment it is necessary to take care of the intellectual property," - AETIS's lawyer, Giorgi Zhorzholiani says. According to him, the main advantage of AETIS is that it is a fully automated process before the trademark registration application is submitted directly to the agency. "This document as a whole is digital, automated, and in fact the company does not need to provide us with the minimum information about the desired trademark," - Giorgi Zhorzholiani adds.
Kettari Communications2/27/2023